Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am still here!

Hello everyone!

Contrary to what you might think, I am still alive. It looks like I may have been on a bit of a hiatus from my blog here. I had no idea school would take up as much time as it did. I don't even have time to watch movies anymore. (What a shocker!) Well, the dreadful semester will be over in 2 weeks. I am looking forward to May 19, my last final :) Anyway, do my fellow Americans know about the Rosalind Russell marathon on TCM on Wednesday, May 25? I am looking forward to that! What a great way to end the semester. Anyhoo, I thought I would start something new.... I was thinking of doing a periodic poll on my blog relating to different things (usually having to do with Roz, but maybe about other things as well...)

What do you all think? :)

I hope we haven't lost too many of you! ;)


  1. Goodness gracious. I had no idea about the marathon on TCM. Thank God for you, Desiree, omg.

    P.S. I probably have all of the films anyway; from her birthday marathon years ago XD It's still exciting.

  2. I've known about it for months and have been waiting for that day, especially because school is a big headache :) I have them all, too, lol (I have all of her films except for 2)... but I don't care. A Roz marathon and I don't have to pick the films :D

  3. Hi, just want to say: Thank you for commenting on ALL GOOD THINGS! :")

    Have a great day!