Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Photos

Well, these are the photos I bought from Larry Edmund's bookstore when I was in L.A. ( Just a few with her son that I'd never seen before.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trip to L.A.

Hello, everyone. Well, I went up to L.A. this weekend, starting on Thursday and came back yesterday afternoon. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two online friends who are classic movie fans like me. I have known them almost a year and it was an amazing experience I will never forget! 

While I was there, I saw several things related to Roz--her grave, her house, her footprints and handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater, her star on the Walk of Fame, and the church she went to, which was down a few blocks from her house. It was really fun and here are some pictures of those things...

And YES, this huge thing is all Roz's grave!