Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Classic Movie Actresses Tourney 2013

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rosalind Russell (1907-1976)

On Sunday, November 28, 1976, Rosalind Russell died of breast cancer, the cancer that she fought for so long (ever since they found the first tumor around 1959). Somehow, this year, 2010, seems a little special in remembrance of her because it is a Sunday once again. I imagine her family did not have a very happy Thanksgiving that year, and they probably did not celebrate at all.

If you can, watch a few video clips on YouTube of Roz or one of her movies to remember her. I know I will. 

I suggest comedies because I think that's how Rosalind would like her fans to remember her--in happiness and laughter!

Take care, everyone. I'll embed a few YouTube clips I would recommend. 

Note: First, I want to include a tribute of Roz created on this day by my dear friend, Renata... :)

Sorry for adding my own video at the end here, haha, but I think everyone should see some of the home videos of her. She was a delight :)


  1. thanks des... roz will never be forgotten... her legacy leaves on... i will surely watch those videos you recommend...

  2. We'll always remember her :) I hope you like those videos. I would have put the "funniest moments" video because it's my favorite but it can't be embedded.

  3. yes des i love all the videos you've posted... i enjoyed watching it... thanks again...